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3 Tips To Reduce The Time It Takes To Mow Your Lawn

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If you are a person who dreads getting outside and mowing your lawn, you might be wondering if there are ways to make the job go a little faster. Luckily, there are. Consider these three tips to reduce the amount of time that you spend cutting grass. 1. Buy a Better Lawn Mower Truthfully, the lawn mower that you have can make a big difference in how much time it takes to cut your grass. Obviously, a lawn mower that you have to push is going to take a whole lot more time (and work) than a ride-on lawn mower. However, there are also significant differences between various ride-on mowers, too. For example, a zero turn mower with a larger deck is going to allow you to greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes to cut your yard. These lawn mowers are often easier to maneuver, too. 2. Use Mulch to Create Flower Beds  One option that you might not have thought about is using mulch to create large flower beds in your lawn. Mulch can help discourage weeds from growing, particularly if you put in a weed barrier, so these flower beds can be a lot easier to take care of than you think, as long as you only plant flowers that are easy to take care of. Flower beds are great for tying together trees, for example, so that you don’t have to weave in and out of the trees when you are moving. They also help get rid of large areas of grass at once, meaning you’ll have a lot less to cut on mowing day. 3. Get Rid of Extra Lawn Decorations Sure, lawn statues and other decorations might look nice, but they can be difficult to maneuver around and can increase the time that it takes to cut the grass. Plus, you might have to spray weed killer around them or use a weed whacker to get rid of grass that is close to these decorations. Consider eliminating these lawn decorations or clustering them closer together rather than spreading them out in your yard, or place them in areas that don’t have to be cut, such as in flower beds or on the porch. As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the time that it takes to mow the lawn. If you follow these three tips, you can make grass cutting a whole lot easier on...

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Want Some Jalapeno Peppers? Tips On Planting And Caring For Jalapeno Pepper Plants

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If you would like to save some money and grow your own jalapeno peppers, you may be surprised at how easy they are to grow and care for.  Below are some tips so you can have a garden full of healthy peppers that you can use in your recipes. Soil Requirements Even though jalapeno peppers are easy to grow, you can pamper them a little to help them grow even better. One way to do this is to make sure they are planted in a sandy loam soil that has a lot of organic matter. One type of organic matter that works very well is compost. This type of soil drains very well, which is what the peppers need. Compost makes the soil much easier to work with and it also provides your peppers with nutrients that they need to grow well for you. Planting Peppers Plant your pepper plants after your last frost. To be safe, wait two to three weeks after this before you plant them. You never know when a frost will sneak in.  The peppers grow best when they are planted in full sun. Gently remove the plant from the container. If the roots are stuck together, gently spread them apart a little to loosen them up. Dig a hole that is a little larger than the container. Set the plant in the hole, and fill the hole with soil firmly using your hands. Water the plant thoroughly to help the roots get established. If you have jalapeno pepper seeds, you will need to start them out in a seed tray before you move them to your vegetable garden. Water Requirements Your jalapeno plants need a moderate supply of water from the moment you plant them. They do not like their soil to be saturated with water, however. If you followed the soil tips above, you will not have to worry about this. Put mulch around the plants to help hold in moisture and keep the moisture from evaporating from the soil during the dry, hot summer months. Stalking Your Plants Once your jalapeno peppers start growing, they will need to have some support. This is because each plant will produce many peppers so they will easily fall over. One easy way to support them is to tie them to a stake. You can use old nylons to tie them. Do not use twine or twist-ties, as they will gradually cut through the stems. Pepper plants are beautiful so you can also use them as ornamentals. If you run out of room in your vegetable garden, plant a few of them into one of your flowerbeds. For pepper plant seeds, click on the link or do an online...

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Ways You Can Landscape Your Small Yard Without Overcrowding It

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You want your yard to have a beautiful landscape design, but your problem is you don’t have a lot of square footage to work with. If your property is on the smaller side, you can still landscape your yard without making everything look overcrowded. Here are things you can do to make your yard look amazing. Trees Trees are an integral part of your landscape design, but they can take over your yard quickly without proper trimming. A great way to utilize trees and their healthy shade in your yard is to trim them several feet up from the ground. Without branches swaying low to the ground, thick pine and fruit trees can look amazing in your yard without compromising your view of your landscape. Some of your trees may need to be removed to make your yard look bigger. Talk to an arborist to see if cutting down one or more of your trees will help balance your landscape better and keep things from looking too crowded. Curbing Curbing around the edges of your garden and trees give the illusion that your yard is specifically sectioned off, therefore also creating the illusion of a larger space. Place curbing around flower beds, sidewalks, and even along your driveway to add a streamlined appeal to your small yard. Fencing Make use of your fence by planting ivy or other vines along the length of it. When the plants grow, they will add depth to your yard and make it look much larger. If you don’t have a need for a fence around your yard, place a low decorative wooden fence along the back and plant tall flowers like sunflowers or climbing morning glory to get the same effect. If you have a vegetable garden, your back fence is a great place to plant. Corn, peas, and other taller plants can give the same illusion of depth as vines or tall flowers can and gives you a quiet place where you can collect your vegetables in peace away from the home. If you want to enjoy your yard even more, you should do what you can to make your smaller yard appear less crowded and more useful. A landscaper can help you come up with a landscaping design that can make your yard look its very best. Just because you have a small yard, you are not limited to just a few plants or a tiny garden. Use this guide to make your yard look...

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Apartment Gardening: Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Container Garden

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If you don’t have a big back yard, you don’t have to give up on gardening. Some of the best gardens are small in size and do not require a land investment. Just ask anyone who has taken to the idea of container gardening. Container gardening, the concept that involves growing fruits and vegetables in stand-alone pots, allows you to grow your own organic food on a balcony, patio or along the side of your house.  While the concept seems simple, container gardening is a bit different than regular gardening where you plant fruits and vegetables directly in the ground in a landscaped portion of your lawn. If you’re new to container gardening, the following are some tips for getting the most out of your garden. Use a Soil Mix Soil that you dig up from the ground is often too hard and compact to allow for successful growth in potted plants. For pots, you need to choose a porous potting soil mix that contains a mixture of soil, peat moss, vermiculite and perlite. Not only is a mix lighter, it has better water and nutrient retention, which your plants will need since they can’t pull from bountiful nutrients from the ground.  Choose Petite Plants As you can imagine, space is limited with container gardening. While you won’t be able to plant a field of sweet corn, you can plant most fruits and vegetables in pots if you select the right variety of plants. For example, some tomato plants, such as beefsteak plants, can grow 10 feet tall. However, determinate types of tomato plants, which include cherry tomato plants, are much smaller and perfect for container gardening. When selecting plants for your containers, look for petite, dwarf or cute varieties. These are much smaller in size but often produce full-size produce. Feed Plants Regularly Potted plants require water and fertilization much more often than plants that are planted directly in the ground. Not only does the soil dry out quickly, the plants deplete fertilizer at a much faster rate than they would if they could also feed from the ground. To grow a successful garden, it’s important to water your plants daily. Avoid time-released fertilizers and opt for fully soluble fertilizer options that you can add directly to your water.  Growing a container garden is much different than growing a traditional garden, but it is just as fulfilling. If you don’t have the space or permission to landscape for a regular country garden, think about growing your very own vegetables on your patio. To get started with the materials you need, contact a fertilizer company such as T And N...

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How Federal Regulations Affect Your Gas Can Spout: Make Sure You Aren’t Fined!

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Many states used to not have laws regulating gas cans and gas can spouts. It was perfectly okay to dispense gasoline into a metal or red plastic gas container and just have a simple screw-on spout. However, information provided to the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, revealed that tons of toxic fumes were being released into the air by these gas cans–especially by their spouts, which were often open to the air. Here is how the EPA changed the way you are allowed to get small amounts of gas and why you could be fined for older gas can spouts. Gas Spouts Must Stop Fumes From Escaping Most of the gas cans you can purchase now have a gas spout that still screws on, but they also have a built-in, leak-proof and vapor-proof mechanism. In order to pour your gas into your lawnmower, chainsaw, or other gas-powered gardening tool, you have to invert the can, insert the spout into the tank opening and then pull on the base of the spout which releases the mechanism. The mechanism blocks the flow of the gasoline and blocks vapors as well, so releasing the pull mechanism releases both the vapors and the gas. The concept behind this gas can device is that the EPA hopes to stop vapors from poisoning the air and stop gas from leaking, both of which could lead to fire and explosion with older spouts. Replacing Your Older Gas Can Spouts Several states now require that you not only buy the newer gas cans with newer spouts, but that any older gas can spouts you have be replaced with the EPA-approved spouts. To be compliant with these regulations, you can either recycle your old cans and spouts and buy brand-new ones, or you can continue to use your old, red plastic cans and just purchase the new spouts. Gas can spout replacements are sold in many hardware stores and the lawn and garden departments of big box discount chains. What Happens If You Do Not Comply with the EPA’s Gas Can Standards? You can be reported to the EPA on grounds of violating the Clean Air Act and the stationary fuel regulations. The EPA keeps a list of offenses and offenders, although the government site does not mention how much it fines perpetrators, only that it does hand out fines. (See this document, from the EPA.) Retailers who do not sell the accepted gas can spouts also fall under scrutiny and may have their merchant licenses revoked. If you currently do not have the correct spouts on your cans, just spend the few dollars necessary to avoid any potential trouble with the government. Further Safety Measures Once you have your spout in line with regulations, the next thing you’ll want to look at will be caps for your spout. While there aren’t any federal regulations on Blitz gas can caps, those little caps are still very important. Without a cap,  there’s a chance that errant sparks or contaminants could make their way down the spout and cause potentially dangerous explosions. Gasoline fuels a lot of important parts of our society, from generators to automobiles. As such, it’s important to realize the effects gas can have if incorrectly stored—and to take the proper safety precautions to prevent those...

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4 Reasons To Use Wood Chips As Mulch In Your Garden

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If you live in an a hot area with dry soil, mulch can help retain enough moisture in the soil that you can start producing some growing plants. You may be thinking about mulching wood chips in your garden, but may not be sure what benefits wood chips can provide. Here are some reasons to consider using wood chips. Wood Chips can be Free Wood chips can be beneficial to you in part because sometimes, you can get them for free. Tree trimmers and lumberyards typically have an abundance of wood chips they may be willing to give you; when you take them, they don’t have to worry about finding a place for them or depositing them into a landfill. All tree trimming companies may not do this, so call a few in the area to find companies that will work with you. Wood Chips Deter Weed Growth One of the problems with other types of mulch is that over time, weeds can peek through and continue to grow high in your garden. A mulch made from wood chips can prevent this problem. Weeds are typically not able to burst through the weight of the wood chips, so you are unlikely to see weeds when you put wood chips down on top of your soil. Wood Chips Encourage Good pH Because the wood chips are natural and break down over time, you will have to replenish the amount every now and then. But as the wood chips decompose, you will find that they help you once more; they can help you to restore the pH balance to the soil. This is important because many plants cannot grow in an acidic environment. As the soil’s pH becomes higher and more alkaline due to the decomposing chips, you will find that you can plant a wider variety of plants in your garden. Wood Chips Boost Nutrient Value Wood chips can contribute a lot of nutrients to your soil, such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium. As the chips decompose, those nutrients will be fed to the soil. It is important that you only apply mulch on top of the soil instead of mixing it into the soil, however. When you mix wood chips into the soil, the soil’s nitrogen will work harder at breaking down the chips than feeding your plants. Now that you understand why wood chips can serve as great mulch for your garden, consult a company like The Bushel Stop to learn where you can get some most easily. You’ll soon find that your plants grow beautifully as a result of the...

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Freeing Up Closet Space: Why A Storage Unit Rental Can Be Helpful

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Did a family addition of twins lead to the closets in your home becoming overcrowded? Instead of struggling with an insufficient amount of space, you may want to think about renting a storage unit to remove items from the closets that are not used. In this article, find out how renting a storage unit can help you free up closet space for more usage by your family: What Makes Renting a Storage Unit Helpful for More Closet Space? When you rent a storage unit, you won’t have to take so long trying to find outfits for your twins to wear. You will also have easier access to your clothes when getting dressed for work each morning, which means you will be out the door quicker. A self-storage unit can act as a closet away from home that will allow you to free up closet space without selling or trashing what you don’t wear. You can actually purchase portable clothing racks and place them in the storage unit if you get unit that is big enough, such as a rack for each family member. Other than clothing, you can place other items in a storage unit that is crowding up the closets as well. For instance, if you have collectibles in the closet, you can place them in a storage unit and not worry about them getting damaged. All you have to do is invest in a self-storage unit that gives you the ability to set the temperature to meet the needs of what is being stored. Keeping moisture out of the unit is vital for keeping your belongings safe, as moisture can lead to water damage, mold and mildew. In a climate controlled unit, you can also safely store your most important items: Furniture Photographs Garden supplies What Kind of Storage Unit is the Most Affordable? You will find that a self-storage unit with a garage style door is the most affordable, as you can pay as little as $40 per month for one that is 5×5 feet. Even a large garage style unit that is 10×20 feet may be within your budget because you can pay an average of a little under a hundred dollars monthly for it. However, if you want a storage unit that allows you to set the temperature, you need a climate controlled unit, which can run a monthly average of $115 per month. Getting dressed will be a less difficult task for you and your family when your closets are not cluttered. Visit a self-storage unit rental company so you can take your closet space back. To learn more, contact a company like Regency Self...

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