Seven Reasons Why You Need To Invest In A Good Green Tow-Behind Turf Aerator

Aerating your turf is important if your want to optimize the condition of your turf. A green tow-behind turf aerator can work wonders when it comes to turf aeration.

The following are seven reasons why you need to invest in a good green tow behind turf aerator. 

You can strengthen your roots.

Roots can grow more easily in aerated soil than they can in soil that is firmly compacted. Regular use of a green tow-behind turf aerator can therefore help to strengthen your roots and turf over time. 

You can make your soil and vegetation more resistant to drought.

If the soil beneath your turf isn't adequately aerated, drought can be more damaging to the condition of your turf.

With adequate aeration, water can be distributed more efficiently to your turf so that your turf stands up better to periods of drought when they occur. Better aeration contributes to deeper root growth to maximize resilience in periods of drought. 

You can prevent diseases in your vegetation.

Disease in turf can proliferate much more quickly and easily when there is poor aeration in the soil. With a green tow-behind turf aerator, it's easier to prevent disease problems in your turf. 

You can minimize erosion and runoff.

Erosion and runoff are big problems when you're trying to optimize the condition of your turf. With a green tow-behind turf aerator, you can achieve a more permeable soil that will be less likely to allow erosion and runoff to create problems that detract from turf health.

You can minimize weed growth.

With well-aerated turf, it becomes less likely that weeds will be able to flourish. Turf grows more densely with adequate aeration so that turf is better able to outcompete weeds that could otherwise take root in aerated soil. 

You can minimize the amount of funds that you have to invest in fertilizer.

Fertilizer costs for nourishing healthy turf can be expensive. Investing in a green tow-behind turf aerator can be a great way to support healthy turf growth while also avoiding excessively high fertilizer costs. 

You can minimize the compaction of your soil.

Soil compaction can be a big problem when you're looking to achieve healthy turf growth. One of the biggest benefits of investing in a good green tow-behind turf aerator is achieving soil that is less compact and therefore better able to nourish turf growth with ready access to soil nutrients.

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