Freeing Up Closet Space: Why A Storage Unit Rental Can Be Helpful

Did a family addition of twins lead to the closets in your home becoming overcrowded? Instead of struggling with an insufficient amount of space, you may want to think about renting a storage unit to remove items from the closets that are not used. In this article, find out how renting a storage unit can help you free up closet space for more usage by your family:

What Makes Renting a Storage Unit Helpful for More Closet Space?

When you rent a storage unit, you won't have to take so long trying to find outfits for your twins to wear. You will also have easier access to your clothes when getting dressed for work each morning, which means you will be out the door quicker.

A self-storage unit can act as a closet away from home that will allow you to free up closet space without selling or trashing what you don't wear. You can actually purchase portable clothing racks and place them in the storage unit if you get unit that is big enough, such as a rack for each family member.

Other than clothing, you can place other items in a storage unit that is crowding up the closets as well. For instance, if you have collectibles in the closet, you can place them in a storage unit and not worry about them getting damaged. All you have to do is invest in a self-storage unit that gives you the ability to set the temperature to meet the needs of what is being stored.

Keeping moisture out of the unit is vital for keeping your belongings safe, as moisture can lead to water damage, mold and mildew. In a climate controlled unit, you can also safely store your most important items:

  • Furniture
  • Photographs
  • Garden supplies

What Kind of Storage Unit is the Most Affordable?

You will find that a self-storage unit with a garage style door is the most affordable, as you can pay as little as $40 per month for one that is 5x5 feet. Even a large garage style unit that is 10x20 feet may be within your budget because you can pay an average of a little under a hundred dollars monthly for it. However, if you want a storage unit that allows you to set the temperature, you need a climate controlled unit, which can run a monthly average of $115 per month.

Getting dressed will be a less difficult task for you and your family when your closets are not cluttered. Visit a self-storage unit rental company so you can take your closet space back. To learn more, contact a company like Regency Self Storage.