4 Reasons To Use Wood Chips As Mulch In Your Garden

If you live in an a hot area with dry soil, mulch can help retain enough moisture in the soil that you can start producing some growing plants. You may be thinking about mulching wood chips in your garden, but may not be sure what benefits wood chips can provide. Here are some reasons to consider using wood chips.

Wood Chips can be Free

Wood chips can be beneficial to you in part because sometimes, you can get them for free. Tree trimmers and lumberyards typically have an abundance of wood chips they may be willing to give you; when you take them, they don't have to worry about finding a place for them or depositing them into a landfill. All tree trimming companies may not do this, so call a few in the area to find companies that will work with you.

Wood Chips Deter Weed Growth

One of the problems with other types of mulch is that over time, weeds can peek through and continue to grow high in your garden. A mulch made from wood chips can prevent this problem. Weeds are typically not able to burst through the weight of the wood chips, so you are unlikely to see weeds when you put wood chips down on top of your soil.

Wood Chips Encourage Good pH

Because the wood chips are natural and break down over time, you will have to replenish the amount every now and then. But as the wood chips decompose, you will find that they help you once more; they can help you to restore the pH balance to the soil. This is important because many plants cannot grow in an acidic environment. As the soil's pH becomes higher and more alkaline due to the decomposing chips, you will find that you can plant a wider variety of plants in your garden.

Wood Chips Boost Nutrient Value

Wood chips can contribute a lot of nutrients to your soil, such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium. As the chips decompose, those nutrients will be fed to the soil. It is important that you only apply mulch on top of the soil instead of mixing it into the soil, however. When you mix wood chips into the soil, the soil's nitrogen will work harder at breaking down the chips than feeding your plants.

Now that you understand why wood chips can serve as great mulch for your garden, consult a company like The Bushel Stop to learn where you can get some most easily. You'll soon find that your plants grow beautifully as a result of the chips.