4 Ways To Use Sand And Gravel As An Alternative To Grass For Ground Coverings

The conventional ground covering used in landscaping is grass turf and other living materials, which can be difficult to maintain. Rather than conventional grass, you may be considering some of the alternatives like gravel and sand. The following sand and gravel solutions will help you replace grass with an attractive ground cover.

1. Create Natural-Looking Pools and Ponds with a Sandy Beach Area

If you have water features, pools or ponds with aquatic gardens, you want them to have natural and attractive designs. Sand is a great material to use to create your own private beach for these spaces. There are many different choices of colors, and types of sand that you can use to create sandy beach spaces around pools and water features in your landscaping.

2. Use Contrasting Gravel Colors for a Unique Landscaping Hardscape Design

If you are planning on using gravel for your landscaping hardscape designs, there are many different choices of materials. You may want to use a combination of colors and textures to give your landscaping a unique, custom look. You can even great custom designs and patterns for the ground covering using different colors and textures with the gravel in hardscaping.

3. Using Sand to Create a Comfortable Outdoor Gathering Area with a Fire Pit

Sand is a great material to create a comfortable surface when installing ground covering. If you are planning to create outdoor living spaces with seating, you may want to use soft sand as a ground cover to make comfortable and relaxing areas around features like fire pits, which can also be great if you are trying to create space for waterfront property.

4. Using Sand and Gravel to Create an Arid Landscaping Design That Needs Little Water

Sometimes, you do not have to go far to see what will work well in landscaping designs. If you live in an area with an arid, dry, desert climate, then you may want to consider using plants and materials that work well for this type of climate. This often means that you will have to have well-drained ground covering like sand and gravel to create the optimal conditions for desert plant life.

These are some ideas to help you with replacing your grass turf with hardscape covering. If you are ready to give your landscaping a makeover with greener solutions, contact a sand and gravel supplier to get the materials you need.