Tips To Protect Your Topsoil During The Fall And Winter

The colder months of the year can cause problems for the topsoil in your garden or yard. If you want to make it through to next spring with your soil still in solid shape, there are some steps you can take now that might help prevent soil erosion and other negative effects caused by Mother Nature during the most dreary months of the year.

Add Mulch

If you want to protect your topsoil, you'll need to do what you can to limit its exposure to the frozen elements. One of the easiest ways to go about doing this is to get some mulch and lay it down on top of your most critical areas. For the best results, it can help to use organic mulch which typically includes things like straw or grass clippings or compost. This natural mulch can include ingredients that will provide nutrients to the topsoil as the colder months of the year drag on.

Plant Something Evergreen That Can Handle the Cold

Another way to keep your topsoil protected is to plant something that will keep it mostly covered until spring returns. The trick is finding an evergreen plant that can thrive regardless of what the temperature is outside. There are a variety of shrubs like juniper, spruce, or pine, that will be able to stand up to the cold. These plants should be put down in the fall so they have time to develop or settle in before the harshest weather of the year arrives in the winter. Most shrubs will raise at least a foot or two off of the ground and can naturally catch the snow as it falls or provide a natural cover for the soil below.

Periodically Clean Up Leaves or Debris

If it's possible to do so, get into the habit of keeping an eye on your garden during the harsher months and do what you can to keep leaves or other debris out of your garden. Letting too many leaves or other unwanted debris pile up can slowly suck the life out of the soil below. 

Get New Topsoil

If you make it to spring only to discover that you do have an area or two in your garden where the soil is no longer fertile, it might be time to get some new topsoil to bring your garden back to life. Reach out to topsoil supplier today for more information.